Governance and Committees

Our Board of Directors oversees the management and risks of our business and is responsible for upholding all our corporate values of integrity, inclusion, teamwork, excellence and accountability. We have four committees that are all composed of independent directors.

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Lead Independent Director

As part of our continued efforts to ensure a strong, independent and active Board of Directors, we have designated a Lead Independent Director, who serves as the principal liaison between independent directors and the Chairperson and senior management, as well as the lead approver of all agendas, meetings and related information. We believe this role is integral to providing effective oversight of management and strong leadership of the independent directors.  

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Audit Committee

Responsible for overseeing the quality and integrity of the corporate accounting and financial reporting practices of Gilead and the related systems of internal controls. This includes oversight of the qualifications, independence and performance of Gilead's auditors and the quality and integrity of the financial statements and reports of Gilead. 

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Compensation and Talent Committee

Responsible for approving and evaluating the compensation plans, policies and programs for executive officers of Gilead. This includes reviewing the performance of executive officers and approving the type and level of their compensation.

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Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee

Responsible for overseeing corporate governance policies and practices of Gilead, including Board and committee structures and nominations, as well as working with the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee. This includes determining the need for new directors, nominating qualified candidates for stockholder approval and managing the periodic review of all Board and committee members' qualifications.

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Scientific Committee

Responsible for advising the Board regarding Gilead’s research strategies, including providing strategic advice on our current and planned research programs and emerging science and technology issues and trends. 

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Stockholders Communications with the Board

Stockholders may express their views by sending communications to our Board as described in our Stockholders Communications with the Board policy. 

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