Helping to Bring More Life to People with Cancer

At Gilead, we refuse to accept that cancer can still take the ones we love.

We're innovating with next-generation therapies, combinations and technologies to help transform how cancer is treated. We’re relentlessly pursuing greater access and equity and striving to deliver improved outcomes for people with breast, lung, bladder and blood cancers. We’re collaborating with the oncology community, patients, academia, industry and advocacy groups to help create new possibilities for people with cancer.

Advancing Transformative Science

We have purposefully built our oncology pipeline and by 2030, we aim to deliver 20+ indication approvals for therapies that could transform care in breast, lung, bladder and blood cancers. Our ambition is to positively impact the lives of more than 500,000 people with cancer around the world.

Our team at Kite is singularly focused on cell therapies which we believe have the potential to change the way cancer – and potentially other diseases – are treated.

Over the past few years, Gilead and Kite have received eight indication approvals in oncology, including medicines for difficult-to-treat metastatic cancers and cell therapies. We’ve also tripled our pipeline and by the end of 2023, our clinical development program will encompass approximately 60 active or planned trials. Our expansive early-stage pipeline is designed to fuel a durable late-phase portfolio with more than 25 unique combination studies.

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Our Scientific Framework

Our pipeline includes many promising targets and approaches in oncology today, from antibody-drug conjugates and small molecules to cell therapy-based approaches. With each new discovery about what’s driving the disease and potential targets, we have an opportunity to accelerate scientific advancement.

We are targeting three key biological pathways, with approaches designed to:

  • trigger tumor-intrinsic cell death
  • promote immune-mediated tumor killing
  • remodel the tumor-permissive microenvironment.

The result of this approach is a clinical development portfolio that includes many assets with complementary mechanisms of action and strong potential to span diverse tumor types and lines of therapy, both on their own and in combinations.

Partnering for Progress

We’re collaborating with the oncology community, academia, industry and advocacy groups to transform how cancer is treated in the ever-changing clinical and societal landscape through the pursuit of delivering improved outcomes.

Scientific Partnerships

Partnerships play a key role in our growing pipeline and capabilities. Through approximately 40 active alliances and collaborations, we’re joining forces with some of the most promising oncology companies to access external sources of innovation, pursue next-generation cancer therapies and expand potential indications in our pipeline.

Community Partnerships

We pursue equitable access with an unwavering commitment to address disparities in care. As we design clinical trials, we are working to increase diversity across populations and cancer types, with a special focus on those that are underrepresented. We collaborate with oncologists at major academic institutions and advocacy groups to create thoughtful development strategies that foster inclusion.

We’ve also established an oncology corporate giving program and are expanding our network of community-based partnerships to support organizations and advocates working to improve outcomes and address barriers to care. We work with organizations such as the Chrysalis Initiative, which is dedicated to reducing disparities in breast cancer care for Black people. And we‘ve strengthened our relationships with several of our existing non-profit partners, such as Black Women’s Health Imperative, to expand our focus beyond HIV and include partnerships in oncology.

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